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My most recent adventures...  I think with the demise of Megaupload, my
blog is most likely winding down, as it does sometimes feel like I'm
pissing in the wind, but I'll certainly make whatever I record available to
anybody who cares...

So over the holidays, I got the family a new DSLR (Canon Eos Rebel T2i) and
got the "thrifty/nifty fifty", a f1.8/50mm lens that's supposed to be ideal
for low-light indoors work, both audio *and* video, though unfortunately
there's a limit to how much you can continually film...it's 4Gb.
Audio in all cases is from my Church Audio CA11 cards > Olympus LS-5, which
is proving to be every bit as good as my old M10, at least when I can hit

The Soft Moon
Cafe Du Nord
San Francisco CA

We Are We
...2m28s break: 'we fucked up some shit on stage, so we're fixing it'
Dead Love
Into The Depths
Out Of Time
Breathe The Fire
When It's Over

Total Decay
Tiny Spiders


recording: http://dl.atmyheels.com/thesoftmoon/flac/

photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26494411@N02/sets/72157628950918059/

We got pretty much all their live songs except for "Phantoms".  Very tricky
to photograph due to the strobing...turns out it's much easer to video.
I should mention that this was their first show with a live drummer, none
other than Wax Idols drummer Keven, whom is being shared amongst both
groups, as they share practice space in Oakland.   Hopefully there will be
YouTube footage of their show...a forthcoming post will round up whatever
turns up.

Cafe Du Nord
San Francico CA

Time Travel
They Always Fly Away
Fountain In Rewind
Video Tapes
Into Black

recording: http://dl.atmyheels.com/blouse/flac/

photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26494411@N02/sets/72157628950918059/

A bit of a different set then when they played in Seattle, for those of you
who have heard Steve Robinson's recording of them.  Really luscious
beautiful stuff from Charlie Hilton (who as you UK-types would say looks
quite "fit") and her cohorts.  I also filmed about 5 tracks (songs 3-4 and
6-8)...in the process annoying some guy wearing a Joy Division shirt with
Japanese writing on it who asks me if I can move back slightly, as I was
blocking his view.  I probably was...not sure if at the end you can her him
discuss with his friend about all the "documentarians" that are around
these days, but rest assured, this "documentarian" is more than happy to be
slighted with that label as I endeavor to preserve my experiences for all

Opener "Feelings" not taped.  He wasn't bad, actually...though initially,
he was going down like a lead balloon, and I came in while he was playing,
since parking is always a bitch downtown.

Wax Idols
Elbo Room
San Francisco CA

Dead Like You
William Says
Human Condition
Hotel Room
Gold Sneakers
Grey Area
/new song/
All Too Human

recording:  http://dl.atmyheels.com/waxidols/flac

photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26494411@N02/sets/72157628937810817/
I was getting the hang of the Canon, so there's a few blurries in there.

One of my local favorites whom I'm sure you've heard me go about on before,
not sure how well the music translates across the pond for those of you
reading this in Blighty, but worth it alone just to see the red cutaway
outfit Hether has on, and for the admittedly rough rendition of a new song
that's going to be on a future 7", not sure what it's going to be called

I do have a video of the new song available, but I want to see if anybody's
actually reading this, so you'll have to PM/email me if you want to see it,
since I pledged to keep it unlisted.  @hetherfortune is a must-follow on
Twitter, there's also http://waxidols.tumblr.com

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