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Fri May 25 06:33:29 PDT 2012


Burnt Ones
Brick and Mortar
San Francisco CA

recordist: thehappyone
kit: Sony ECM-MS-907 mics > Olympus LS-5


?  'Sweet Dream'
?  'Black Leather Or Fur'
?  'The Freak In The Fog'
Bury Me In Smoke
Meet The Golden One
Kaleidoscope Eyes
Vision Forever
Gonna Listen To T Rex (All Night Long)

About half their set is unreleased.  The first three songs (with titles
I've provisionally assigned) are new.  'Vision Forever' was played by Mark
during his solo show at the Knockout (it was the one mislabelled as
'Policeman' from the setlist, whops), so I recognized it from that.
 'Cloak' had been played back during the March shows.

Solid stuff, with the new tracks keeping up the pace....

I'm really liking the sound of the 907s, actually.  They're well-suited to
putting in my hat, so that's working out OK.  About the only thing I notice
is that even though they're omnis (condensers) they seem to be a bit more
directional, but that just may be an effect at better capture of

I just purchased some Sound Professionals SP-CMC-4u's, which I'll run with
the CA-9100 pre-amp for larger theatre-type shows. They'll be making their
debut either Saturday for the free Terry Malts/Uzi Rash (whom I've not yet
seen)/Synthetic ID (Phil from Terry Malts says these guys are not to
miss)/Yi (who I saw back in 1-2-3-4 Go! back in January) if I can make it,
or for sure the 5/31 Weekend/Violens show at the CA Academy of Sciences.


P.S. Editioral comment...I feel for these guys...anywhere else, they would
dominate, but given how much other great bands who play here (whom are
their friends, I might add)...it's easy to overlook them, but Tester and
Co., like Matthew Melton, have the ability to craft fuzz-pop gems seemingly
at will...this is not an easy thing to do!
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