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Wed Apr 1 08:32:30 PDT 2015

Don't think I've sent an email out in quite a while.

Latest addition, Tiaras from last week's performance at the Makeout Room in

If you want to sample what they sound like, I videoed a song of theirs
(which turns out not to be on their new LP):

There's also Male Gaze, which I see a few of you have already found.

Longtime contributor ghostworld recorded Be Forest in Vienna, playing a
longer set than any of us in the US got:

Relive some of your 90s times (both great and horrible) and have a listen
to Juliana Hatfield Three, back like a zombie from the swamp (their words):

Some off-kilter but lovely sounds from local group Jesus Tape as well.
Don't be surprised if "Dear" sticks to your brain like a post-it on your

Finally, we have Oakland dad-punks Kicker, who opened for The Pop Group
(that recording is up on DIME):

And there's even more (March was a very busy month for me), but I'll leave
it for you to encounter.

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