[Incubation] Seapony SR recordings + Brilliant Colors

the happy one the at atmyheels.com
Tue Jul 12 08:22:26 PDT 2011

Steve R. upped my a couple of Seapony recordings from Vera Project in
Seattle.  If you're a fan of C86/Field Mice/twee-pop, these guys are a

These are up on my blog, here:

Also, do check out tomzero's Brilliant Colors, who have released singles for
Captured Tracks, so are perfectly apropos here.  Actually, these guys (with
CT-05) have been around longer than a lot of other bands on that label.  The
singer works at the local Amoeba here.

I couldn't make it to the El Rio, had to recharge my batteries a bit, but
will be there the next time they play, the new songs are keepers!

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