[Incubation] The Soft Moon - Halloween 2011 gig report / upload

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Tue Nov 1 04:04:15 PDT 2011

At the Independent in SF...

In keeping with the date, I had this on my head:
(the villain character in Angry Birds, as if you listen to the recording,
you'll hear me trying to explain to a female concertgoer before the

In keeping with my mission, I had this in my hand:
http://images.junostatic.com/full/IS420363-01-01-BIG.jpg wrapped in my
Kangol cap as a combo windscreen/invisishield...which I think will be the
new way I roll for small/midsize shows.

The band set up (Luis was wearing a PiL t-shirt, he has an amazing
collection of tees, it seems), and then went off backstage...to grab their
masks...they would proceed to play the main set in clear masks...I have no
idea how they did it, they must have been sweltering in them...if you
browse my photos dir, you'll see them.

Considering this was recorded with my recorder's built-ins, it came out as
well or better than I could have imagined.  It did need some slight EQ
tweaking, mainly to curb the bass...which was turned up as high as I've
heard it in that place...it's only short of spectacular because of my
location...I was in the thick of it and there's tons of talking, mostly in
between tracks.  The lovely people behind me (a pair of guys and another
pair of girls) were decked out as bloody corpses and were trying to start a
moshpit...which I was all for, all they were trying to do was generate
excitement, as at one point you can hear them make that exact point, and
comment that I understood what they were on about, as the show was
otherwise shaping up to be a typically sedate SF affair...but then they
slammed into the wrong people and got themselves into a fevered argument
with the putative victim..the guys drew back and were sullenly watching
after their confrontation...I wanted to thank them for trying to install
some necessary madness but they were gone by the time the set was over.

As for me, I was bouncing up, down, and sideways like a happy piggie!

The bad news is I missed out on one of the 20 copies of Total Decay since I
didn't want to worry about holding recorder, iPhone, *and* the EP...but I'm
sure Katie at CT will sort me out....

Speaking of which, here's the recording:


Spoiler alert....

We Are We <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=538a0YfBo4M>           (click to
see my iPhone 4S 1080p video of this, for any UK'ers reading this, you'll
want to give it past noon to process)
Breathe The Fire
Total Decay
Dead Love
Out Of Time
When It's Over
Tiny Spiders


Into The Depths

Two new songs from the EP, and the B-side to Parallels.  No Phantoms, but
otherwise everything else they know.

I'm hoping beyond hope either markp or recordingla documented the Southland
proceedings the night before...since my usual partner in crime was
otherwise unavailable as Thee Oh Sees were playing that night as well.
Luis said this would be their last SF show for four months, so they may be
going on tour again soon.  Catch them if you can.

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