[Incubation] Bleached / Cold Showers 7 inches

the happy one the at atmyheels.com
Thu Sep 15 02:54:56 PDT 2011

Bleached - Francis 7"


Exclusive to the list since the blog is not for sharing officially released 

These feature the Clavin sisters (ex-Mika Miko).  Credit to Steve Robinson 
for the digitization, he upped this a while ago and I've been sitting on it 
trying to clear out my own backlog. 

Warning: the cover art of this release is NSFW.

Cold Showers - Highlands 7"

When we saw these guys, Tom and I were like "wow, this is good".  We also liked Dunes 
quite a bit but these guys were the standouts...

Thanks to Steve R again, here's their Mexican Summer debut 7", which is limited to 
something like 300 copies.  I'm probably going to buy my own copy.  Again, this is 
list-only since it's a commercial release.  Rob Barbato (Darker My Love, The Fall) 
produced and engineered this recording.

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MWK33GEA

If any of you are interested, there's a bunch of live recordings as well.  I forget if 
I've already shared our recording yet...don't think I have.  Since these heavily feature 
pre-release material, they're staying private for now...currently working on tracksplitting 
and ID'ing the Cold Showers sets.

These are done:

2011-07-24 Vera Stage CHBP Seattle WA (Dunes, Cold Showers)  SR
2011-07-24 Space, Seattle WA (Cold Showers, Dunes incomplete)  SR
2011-07-25 New Frontier Lounge, Tacoma WA (Dunes, Cold Showers) SR
2011-07-27 Thee Parkside, San Francisco (Dunes, Cold Showers) TZ0TH1


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