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Fri Feb 24 00:42:48 PST 2012

If you missed Mark's original seed on DIME, it's here:

I loved Weekend's performance, but felt there was something more that I
could do, so I asked Mark for the original Kodak Zi8 digicam audio...as he
said that he had filmed their performance as well...so I took it and
produced a blended version which turned out to sound fantastic (though
vocals are still buried), and redid the tracksplits a bit, to produce this:


I also plan to up the complete video using this audio.  I cannot say enough
at how great Weekend is...their new songs (especially the tour de force of
their opening track) surpass anything on Sports or Red...and they're not
even my fav Slumberland band at the moment!

My blog is falling somewhat behind...next up is the Positive Destruction
showcase from 12/15/11, with The Mallard, Pow!, Hot Victory (from
Portland), and Blasted Canyons...hopefully this will appear either tomorrow
night or Sunday night.

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