[Incubation] Blasted Canyons - 2012-05-23 - Rickshaw Stop on the tracker

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Mon Jun 4 01:09:27 PDT 2012


Longest set I've seen Blasted Canyons play to date, and perhaps my
best-sounding recording of them, sadly helped out by the fact the place was
about 5/6'th empty, whom I blame on Spiritualized playing the Fillmore at
the same time.  Absolutely ridiculous, considering how talented this combo

Not sure why they chose to play this show, actually.  But they blazed
through their songs like young adults possessed by fiery demons...with all
the other great stuff I have on tap, that I'm still wanting to listen to
this over and over should tell you their performance was fucking TERRIFIC.
 It features the rarely played instrumental ditty I've only heard once
before (at the Thee Parkside show last December).  If anybody has or can
get the Marilyn Manson cover of 'Beautiful People" they played at KXLU (or
anywhere else), I'd be eternally grateful!

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