[Incubation] Weekend - 2012-05-31 - CA Academy Of Sciences up on the tracker

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Sat Jun 9 22:37:39 PDT 2012

Perhaps one of the finest recordings we've done to date:


Somehow tomzero noticed a couple of mistakes in normally super-reliable
drummer Abe Pedroza's stickwork.  Abe confirmed to me the day after at the
Permanent Collection show we were both at that he messed up during
Celebration, FL...after all, they hadn't played live since their Feb dates,
having spent the last couple of months working on their new
album...super-nice guy by the way, just like all of the group.

Stay tuned for the full video which I'll be upping to YouTube shortly!

Opening set Violens, playing a bunch of new material...they're a pretty
prolific bunch, since the band themselves had just released "True"
http://slumberlandrecords.com/catalog/show/219 and their singer also has a
solo project out in July as well...you can grab that here:


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