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So, here's my recording of Terry Malts' Noise Pop set...they were also on
the bill with Synthetic ID...they were opening for Ceremony (the punk one
from Rohnert Park, not the good noise group from NYC).  We left during
their set, as it wasn't doing very much for us, though they weren't
terrible or anything...their first song sounded like The Beastie Boys'
"Fight For Your Right" which I found funny.  Here's a sample of them:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcOiwUTtqs4  ...they seem well-positioned to
market to the malls...

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  It's not that good of a recording, as
I was right next to the pit (when the other bands I hadn't heard about are
hardcore/punk bands, this is what you get) and had my Olympus in my front
jeans pocket...


And as m4a files (for iTunes):

Plenty of new songs, which are in italics.  *Fast *they played last August
last time I saw them, and there's a YouTube of them doing *They're Feeding,
*the catchiest of their new stuff...  it also includes a (semi-rehearsed)
skit...funny is that I was enjoying the $5 footlong deal Subway had going
in February, as much as you can enjoy their salads wrapped in bread...I'll
see if Corey will email me back to clear up my bad guesses on the new song

01 Living With The Human Race
02 What Was It
03 Not Far From It
04 Where Is The Weekend
05 'malternate tuning'
06 They're Feeding *(Subway version)*
07 *I Don't Wanna Go*
08 Tumble Down
09 I Do
10 *(I've Been Walking) Without You*
11 *Fast*
12 *No Tomorrow*
13 No Sir, I'm Not A Christian
14 Something About You

Photoz (they're also in the Adrive link):

Another band I saw was called Permanent Ruin, they're from San Jose...if
you want to hear what hardcore noisepunk/powerviolence sounds like, check
it out...woman-fronted too... The good part is that it's short, something
like 10 songs in as many minutes...but didn't think it was that bad, though
I'm not really much of a fan of this particular genre...


And looks like somehow I missed this before!  Somebody filmed their entire
set last March playing with Crocodiles and Bleeding Rainbow...I have audio
of this, so am going to sync it up to improve on it...stay tuned.


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