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Sorry to hear about the loss of your cousin to such a rare disease. 

Kaiser keeps sending me(and all insured that are 50) poop sample kits to send back to have screened but I keep denying that I'm actually 50 and don't wanna play their reindeer games. 
My older brother relented and is having a colonoscopy at the insistence of his wife. Kaiser likes to schedule these for all that are 55 as they figure the best preventative measure is to check from problems up your butt. They give you some 'nazi drug' during procedure which, when brother asked, what a nazi drug is was told 'you feel everything but won't remember it'. No way, man, am I having a colonoscopy when it's my time.

I want to go see White Lung+Nu Sensae this thursday but Ricky can't make it. 'She' will be there so I'll have to pass. Word is that 'she' has been dropping acid a few times in the desert with her bf. This saddens me and makes me quite angry/disappointed toward her parents who haven't figured it out if I can. I dunno, maybe I'm just an old fuddy-duddy who isn't really on board with acid experimentation unless you're at a more stable point in life (I've never tried). Acid used as escapism at an age where you have no clue what you want to do only seems to derail you further from any answer.

Hope you're hanging in there well.


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>   1. Terry Malts revisit: last year at the Rickshaw (the happy one)
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>Terry Malts
>The Rickshaw Stop SF
>(opening for Bleeding Rainbow and Crocodiles)
>Didn't know until recently that somebody had filmed nearly the entire show
>from the back...so I took their audio and blended it into the version I put
>up to Incubation last year.
>You can see it here:
>Here's the remastered audio:
>Waiting Room
>What Was It
>Not Far From It
>Mall Dreams
>Tumble Down
>I Do
>Can't Tell No One [Negative Trend]
>I'm Neurotic
>Something About You
>In very bad news, my cousin (who was something like 15 years older than me)
>just passed away this morning from this...my friend's wife succumbed to it
>several years ago:
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