[Incubation] 13 Year Itch (4AD demo)

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Sat Mar 16 11:30:21 PDT 2013

Thank you!

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2013/3/15 the happy one <the at atmyheels.com>:
> All,
> For some reason, I never encountered a copy of 4ADs "13 Year Itch"
> compilation (maybe the risque cover has something to do with that), but for
> some reason or another (to get the Lush 'Desire Lines' demo, which I rate
> better than the one on 'Split', in a similar way earlier versions of
> Abecedarians songs sounded better than later versions) I started hunting for
> a copy, seeing that the cheapest the CD was going for was something like
> $80, with copies being sold for $250-300.
> Turns out that Amoeba now offers downloads, and in lossless WAV format!
> http://www.amoeba.com/4ad-presents-the-13-year-itch-various-artists/albums/1656105
> Cost me about $15 to download.
> Transcoded to FLAC and offered here:
> http://www.adrive.com/public/nsyjZd/Various%20Artists%20(4AD)%20-%2013%20Year%20Itch%20(1993).zip
> Enjoy!
> --Sam
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