[Incubation] More shows upped on Incubation

the happy one the at atmyheels.com
Sat Nov 28 11:33:35 PST 2015


Let me direct your attention to what's on the tracker...not a lot in
quantity, but should make up for it in quality.

* Silver Shadows - 2015-11-16 - El Rio San Francisco CA

good if you're into: any shoegaze or postpunk music with witchy vocal

Probably responsible for my favorite release from 2014, which you can here

* Baus - 2015-11-16 - El Rio San Francisco CA

good if you're into: Gang of Four / PIL / SF groups like Useless
Eaters/Male Gaze...
Sample at http://baus.bandcamp.com

* Savages - 2015-08-25 - GAMH SF

Blend of the two versions (one of them being mine) that were upped on DIME.

Horror Vacui - 2015-09-29 - Vegalite, Brno (Czech Republic)

A Ghostworld share.  Good if you take a shine to Italian goth music...

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