[Incubation] Veronica Falls Seattle 2012 (last year) upped to DIME

Sam Habash sam.habash at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 20:31:40 PDT 2013

No problem.  I was especially impressed by the video footage.  What do you
use again?  Do you have it on a tripod/stabilizer?  If not, you have some
steady hands.

I'd also like to hear more from Golden Grrrls *and* Brilliant Colors.  BTW,
both tomzero and I have seen Jess Stone of BC in her day job as an Amoeba
SF clerk.  So would like to get these upped, at your convenience of course.

This is great advice from The Finest Kiss (found out through reading their
blog they take their name from a Boo Radleys track...)

"I have said this before here, and it applies to not only bands playing but
anytime you are speaking, acting, or doing anything in front of an
audience: don’t dwell on the bad. Oftentimes you are the only one that
notices. When you incessantly bring attention to it then you become the
distraction/problem. People are paying to hear you play, you are
professionals. If the sound is sub-par in your monitor deal with it and
carry on."

Veronica Falls isn't the only Slumberland act bit by that malady.  It's
even worse when you dwell on it after the fact in social media.
Not only you're often the only person that notices, you're often the only
person that *cares*.  This is not chamber music, but a descendent of
punk/post-punk y'all are playing.  We can deal.


On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 5:38 PM, Steve Robinson <zeus at zeus163.com> wrote:

> Thanks for posing this Sam. I just recently taped them again at the same
> venue. I was actually going more for the awesome Golden Grrrls who were one
> of the openers. If you read the Finest Kiss blog, there is a right up about
> the show. Veronica Falls was just not happy with the sound guy all night
> and couldn’t let it go. I swear they mentioned it between every song. It
> got a little old after a while. We didn’t get an encore either. I wasn’t
> that disappointed since I was able to catch the earlier ferry home. ****
> ** **
> I caught Golden Grrrls the next night in the back of a vintage clothing
> store. I talked with them for about 20 minutes and they indicated that
> Veronica Falls was not happy with Seattle last night and the sound guy. It
> was really noticeable at the show the night before. Golden Grrrls were
> great and were as nice as could be. ****
> ** **
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> Know they played some recent dates (missed them yet again, sadly) so I
> upped SR's recording from them last year at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle
> to DIME.****
> ** **
> http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=445568****
> ** **
> Including syncing up the video footage SR shot with the audio:****
> ** **
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B2Qlkt9vrw****
> ** **
> --Sam****
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